We started in 2014 as 2 persons, simply gathering together inspired by the same vision of life and by the desire to collaborate making synergies with others to create a better world. We act so to be the change that we wish to see all around us and we invite others to join, share., develop their own ideas for personal and sustainable development and then create their own life project.

We dispose of 18 acres of beautiful land, facing the amazing Caribbean Sea, in an unspoiled location, with optimal weather conditions all year round and a big potential.

Launch of the “Welcoming Vibes Guest House and cultural center”

Creation of website and social media tools organization of trips with the guests to Music festivals around the Island and cultural events organization of experiential activates in the community, such as night fishing with simple lines and hooks from the coast, pick up and roasting of the traditional bread fruit, cooking seminars on traditional Jamaican cuisine with local girls as teachers, cooking seminars of international cuisine with guests as teachers,  creation of “Collective Operas” of Art, such as Symbolic Christmas decoration with homemade materials, excursion in the nature to pick up interesting materials (seeds, branches, leaves, fruits ) to create organic jewelry workshops, launch of the “ International  Creative afternoons”, in which people gather together and paint, sculpt “salt dough” etc..

Realization of the first “artistic Residence” with the internationally known artist Severstet Sakar, which created several pieces of art in the common spaces of the guest house as part of her projects held also in Turkey and New York of “engaging art for the collectivity” start of a collaboration with the Caijan Art Gallery, identified as a relevant cultural attractor of Treasure Beach. The Caijan Art Gallery has been created by Mr. John Deer, a Jamaican Rastafari Architect and Handicraftsman, active for 20 years in building in Treasure Beach a point of interest for the preservation of the History of Jamaica and the building of a collective cultural identity.

The partnership between The Caijan Art Gallery and Welcoming Vies has then given birth to the project of creating a weekend of Open Days with special events to celebrate the 20 years of the activity.

Welcoming Vibes arranged the logistic and the concept, the refreshment and the buffet, the communication and the animation of the event, to which many people participated. This also became the beginning of a long-term partnership aimed to build the eco village on the property where the Art Gallery is already located, to enhance what already existing and to improve and realize new synergies.

Definition of a Strategic Planning to define the forms of the collaboration on different aspects and to assign functions and goals to different parts of the property with a common design thinking procedure.

Individuation of priorities for the foundation of the JAMADDA PERMA CULTURAL PARL and study of possible techniques for building and definition of the best Cost/benefit approach.