Bringing dreams to reality: the next steps

We are up to create:
An intentional community focusing on social innovation
A productive center for self-sustainability and creativity
A permaculture demonstration site
A didactic farm based on best practices to produce of organic food and high-quality dairy
A centre for continuous learning in many disciplines of human knowledge
A training center on natural building, permaculture, energetic sustainability etc.…
A center for personal development and applied social permaculture
An “open sky” Art museum of contemporary and natural art
An incubator for local small businesses
A center for creativity and artistic residencies
An “home” for many people from all around the world wishing to collaborate in making the dream of a fair society coming true
A peaceful, affordable and fulfilling life style as a Transition Group
An example of co-living and co-working with people from Jamaica and from everywhere
An active part of the local network of community driven tourism
A research center on Sustainability in partnership with Universities and other independent researchers
A flexible knot in the global network of social innovators, cultural developer, change agents, creative people, digital nomads, artists and hacktivists that are implementing new lifestyles through collaborative economy for an ethic and more satisfying life.