JAMADDA Perma Cultural Park

Is a dream coming true for creating and spreading new strategies for fulfilling life experience, good vibrations and inspiring life-styles.

Jamadda is a no profit cultural association, an NGO and a prototype of social enterprise aimed to create sustainable thriving communities through cultural production, environmental enhancement and social innovation in Jamaica and everywhere.

The concept was born in 2013 in Treasure Beach, South Coast, and since then a lot of energies have been invested in bringing the dream into reality.

It is a “permanent beta” project, meaning that is always under construction and that it will always be like that…

Now Jamadda is ready to open its magnetic field to responsible travelers, inviting everyone to come and share skills and knowledges to create Memorable Experiences and Take Away Good Vibes.

All this while implementing effective strategies to make the entire community of Treasure Beach thrive, by Incubation of new local small businesses in a Human Sustainable Development mindset, that would also make of it a leading destination for Educational and Eco Tourism

We consider ourselves a knot in the network of the Unstoppable Moltitude that all around the world is actively changing obsolete systems reconnecting humanity with Mother Nature and with its creative powers.

And we invite everyone sharing the same vision to contribute to this beautiful adventure.


Jamadda is a collective creation conceived by the founders and several sensitive human beings working together at a local, national and international level.

We are co-designing and co-creating, with limited financial resources but relevant skills and unlimited motivation, a thriving example of social business, able to sustain itself and the local community while creating wellbeing and awareness on uplifting lifestyles.