How we function

Jamadda is an independent Not for Profit Organization and therefore we seek to sustain our commitment in cultural and natural preservation and enhancement with different means.

We welcome volunteers all year round and ask for a contribution in exchange of food, accommodation and training in permaculture, natural building and handicrafts.

We offer accommodation for Super Relaxing Holidays in our very welcoming Independent Guest House that can comfortably host from 2 to 5 people.

We are building natural eco-cottage in the Park and creating a Trust, so if you wish to become part of our Community as a part time or permanent resident in the Ecovillage we can collaborate to make your dreams come true!

We are creating an Incubator for local small businesses helping our local community in the surrounding area to thrive thanks to new job and social inclusion

We are ready to work as facilitators in processes of change for Jamaica by prototyping appropriate technologies and empowering people to use them for their needs

We are actively engaged as implementers of Jamaican Vision 2030 and the 17 SDGS by participating in international networks of institutions working to mitigate Climate Change

We are training local farmers in permaculture and creating a Nursery to foster biodiversity and produce new organic crops, superfoods and healing plants and we are creating a KM zero network of distribution of high quality affordable produce.

And, last but not least, we cover our functioning expenses by offering visits and innovative experiences to responsible travelers.

This is why we ask for donations to support our activities.

Being a Cultural Association, we are open to people that subscribes to Jamadda Cultural Space and that support our work even with volunteering activities when back home, by contributing with interesting contents to our Awareness Campaigns about living in a more sustainable and fulfilling way.