Our Identity and Promise

Jamadda is a new word created from two classic words: Jamaica and Madda, meaning “mother” in the native language, the Jamaican Patwah. The choice of this name means a lot to us and is the result of multifaceted research aiming to express our feelings and identity.

With “Madda” we refer to Jamaica as a Mother in all the possible meanings and images: Mother Earth, Abundance, Fertility, Protection, Global vision, Caring, Heathy Food production, Artistic Creativity and Regeneration.

So, our “Jamaica Mother” is the base that will generously host us and support every day’s life with all the symbolic attributes related to a spiraling evolution toward fulfilling life experiences.

Our brand image is inspired to the tribal inscriptions carved in stone by the first inhabitants, the “Arowak Tainos”, that were also present in other Caribbean Islands and in Central America. They used simple, almost infantile lines that were able to express their soul and mythological world with powerful insights.

Figuratively, our logo represents integrated symbols and natural elements in a graffiti’s style. You can see in it blossoming flowers, but also birds and their wings, eyes perceiving reality and other levels of existence, a beating heart and the feminine uterus.

Earth and life. Mothers and children. Past, Present and Future.

The rustic handwriting style used for the letters of the word Jamadda recall its organic nature and the humanity presents in our context. It’s a reminder that Mankind is Nature.

The chosen colors are representative of the various elements of nature, including the spiritual ones: green, blue, orange, red and lilac. Finally, one of the developments is the “speech bubble” in the background. This to represent the dialogic structure of our basic agreements, that include consensus and inclusion, experimentation and openness, continuous interactions with our territory and the wider community.

We are committed to link our head, hands and hearts among us and with our guests and visitors..

So, everybody is invited to create his own image of “Jam- Madda” according to the personal resonation of its deep sense of generative capacity, creativity, global vision, protection, fertility, care, food creation, intuition, impulse to growth and discover the world while changing it.

And we smile also at the idea of Jam as Jamming, in the meaning of coming together, mixing, integrating, contaminating, creating always new projects and visions

Our promise is in our motto: Jamadda: your place where to Be, to Belong and to Become.

To Be yourself knowing your higher self, to Belong to a worldwide community of responsible like-minded persons and to Become day by day a fulfilled empowered life lover, acting self-determination in full respect of others and the environment.

The land available for the development of the Eco Village is about 10 acres, 5000 squared meters, with possibility of expansion, mostly on a hill facing the Caribbean Sea.

The land is a perfect living explanation of the nickname of Jamaica, “The Rock”. It’s made of limestone and small trees, with no real soil for cultivation but with amazing natural sculptures of stones, also providing the main building material that we are using for the construction of the “Social Space”

We aim to manage the available space to create:

  • a natural reserve of native forest and wild life (birds, insects, butterflies, lizards, mangoust and whoever likes to join)
  • a productive space for breeding and preserving local chickens now “out of fashion”
  • an open sky Museum with site-specific sculptures
  • experiencial tourism with the setting of a cultural path in the nature on the history of Jamaica and its indigenous ancient inhabitants (Taino’s) and the creation of sensorial paths with medicinal and aromatic plants
  • an Art Gallery with artifact form the age of slavery on and folk memorabilias from all over the world
  • an eco village with at least 10 independent cottages built with natural materials, (30/45 squared meters each) to be rented to travellers or to be owned by co-livers or supporters of the eco village
  • a “social hut” with common kitchen for international cooking seminars and the spreading of the convivial culture of joined food preparation and sharing, social dining, training activities, book exchange library, movies and documentaries projection space, workshop, meetings, books presentation, conferences, storytelling and live music events, dancefloor, solarium, yoga and meditation, social theatre and whatever you can propose and imagin.
  • a “social dorm” for hosting volunteers, woofers, workaway protagonist helping in all the different activities of the ecovillage
  • a center of environmental education in partnership with other existing organisations
  • naturalistic pathways for experiencing “direct picking” of fruit and vegetables form our organic garden beds and to partecipate actively in the “social dinners”