JAMADDA is in a beautiful unspoiled land, mostly on the hills on the road that goes toward Fort Charles, passing Billy’s Bay, 4,5 km from Frenchman in the Community of Treasure Beach, which is an off-the beaten tracks emerging Eco-tourism destination in the South Coast of Jamaica.

Treasure Beach is a laid back community made of 5 small fisherman villages, with a very relaxed life-style and an “over the average quality of life” thanks to the amazing people living there, both natives and international.

Treasure Beach is following a path of sustainable development and community driven tourism, and is candidating itself to become an example and a testing field for best practices in socially created processes of growth. The weather is always appealing… The temperature ranges from 20° to 31° all year round, so we have warm temperatures and sunny days most of the time, with very rare picks of heat and humidity.

This part of the Island is looking more Mediterranean then Tropical and the sea is enriched by coral reef along the coast. It’s a place of choise for good living also for marine turtles and beautiful free birds and butterflies. Rainy season is mostly in September/October, while ithe remaining months see few precipitations, which is one of the reason that makes tourists happy but farmers worried…

Also because the draughts are getting worst and the potentially tricky hurrican season longer… Luckily Jamaica has not been seriously affected by harsh weather conditions in the past years, but serious actions are required to improve awareness on climate change effects. And we are already owrking on that!

Water for domestic purposes is a serious matter, and in many places, like where we stay, public pipelines are not even present. This means that a basic resources like water becomes available only at very expensive rates because it needs to be provided by trucks, stored in black tanks and pumped up the hill generating a high cost of the energy bill too. The average yearly rate of water precipitation in the Island is 1980 mm, and even if the South Coast is the dryest part, people’s life could be highly improved with a working system for water catching, depuration and distribution. Also because the inexistance of adequate systems to make irrigation water available to grow food in remote areas is impacting negatively on the price and quality of food.

Being Sustainability The Main Goal humanity needs to acheive, we consider foundamental the ability to feed the local population and the visitors with abundant affordable km zero good food and locally produced goods. So we are creating partnerships to face together this common challenges working toward Jamaican Vision 2030.

Jamaica is a wonderful place that still struggles with serious issues, like many other countries in the world seeking for their sustainability. For example, due to high unemployment rates and to unmet bacic needs, a relevant part of the Jamaican people has to struggle every day in the constant research for “Money, Money, Money” to pay for expensive (and often poor quality) imported goods just to feed, dress and move around them and their families. Maybe it easier to start again to self-produce as communities more than what we are doing and to test new ideas and methodologies made available by other researchers and practicioners facing the same troubles.

Being Tourism the backbone of Jamaican economy, we think the entire Island can make a better use of this opportunity. Tourism is not only an economic system. To us, Tourism is the contemporary answer to an ancestral need of humanity: the need to explore, to understand life, to know how other beings face the same challenges, to get new ideas, to develop new relations, to generate creativity and to improve as a person or as a group. It is an investment in personal growth, self-confidence and awareness of the footprint we live in the planet.

This is why we are working involving tourist in co-designing the paradise we want to live in. Since we are working to implement Jamaican Vision 2030, we are really committed to make of Jamaica a self-sustainable thriving ecosystem. This means working collectively in the direction of improving every person’s life using easy and adequate technologies. In order to contribute to the achievement of the 17 SDGS, we have several plans active on the issue of Water, Energy, Healthy and Affordable Organic Food Production and more.

We are particularly interested in creating partnership and in hosting people with a technical background on water, waste and energy management and sanitation systems as parts of our projects for the community improvement. This just as an example of our vision of possibile new forms of cultural exchanges in fruitful collaborations coming from sustainable tourism…

Please, make contact with us right away if you feel ready for a new philosophy in travelling! We are developing a peer-to- peer approach to offer opportunities to travel responsibly enjoying the wonderful positive aspects of Jamaica while tackling the tricky ones…