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Jamadda is launching experiential activities for travelers in the authentic natural and cultural environment of Jamaica with the aim to give back to the community in several ways.

We invite our guests to co-create with us and to share their skills enhancing local human capital by training new entrepreneurs in the collaborative “Green & Blue Economy” field.

At Jamadda we offer the opportunity of participating in experiential tourism activities rediscovering traditional indigenous culture while being sensitized and sensitizing others about energy efficiency, proper water use, environmental protection, cultural heritage and new emerging forms of creative economy.

We also provide training, education and meaningful connections by creating a safe space in the shape of a social business incubator and plan to create a FABLAB to test and prototype objects made of recycled materials, while creating new social connections.

The “Deep Meditation Experience”

If you wish to invest some time into reconnecting with your inner self and with nature, come and experience a walk in our “Sensorial Path” among aromatic plants and then make yourself comfortable choosing your spot in our Hammock Paradise or in our natural caves.

The nickname of Jamaica is “the Rock” for one reason: limestone rocks are everywhere. And being porous, carsic phenomena are common. In our land, we have some small caves and some other ones that we have carved to create symbolic temples dedicated to “meditation” and nature contemplation. We are going to decorate them with your help if you like, and by involving local Schools of Art and passing by creative people. So you can choose between “karma yoga” activity painting or sculpting, and pure contemplation in these natural “cocoons”.

The “Everybody’s an Artist Experience”

is the area dedicated to creative expression and laboratories.

Since we love to empower people developing creativity and cultural production, we are inviting experts to join us to organize Arts and Crafts workshops, but we are also facilitating direct personal free expression..

The “Natural Contemporary Art experience”

come and enjoy exhibits of natural Land Art with site specific artistic installations made by Jamaicans and international artists participating in our “Artistic Residencies” to help us build a unique Open Air Museum as a collective co-creation piece of art.

The “Special Visual Art Exhibits”: Check our Events Calendar and make your proposal

In partnership with Jamaican and International institutions active in Art Education and Training, we arrange special exhibitions to promote the work of talented artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, photography, conscious music, video making, video-mapping and live performances.

The Art and Crafts Workshops” experience:

Come and create little operas individually or into groups in our “Open Atelier”! We arrange on demand workshops to learn new DIY -Do it Yourself- techniques and then bring new skills and pieces of art back home with you! Choose your preferred activity: calabash carving, wicker art, clay modelling, natural remedies, papier maché art, natural material sculptural lamps, intuitive painting, natural jewelry, macramé, Dreamcatchers, Wool and Cotton Mandalas and so on…

Transformational retreats

jamadda is the perfect place for a transformation retreat. We share the idea that travelling is the outside expression of an interior symbolic journey, and that some time travelling it is not enough to take the proper distance from your daily life to allow you to see it with different perspectives. So, take a trip both inside and outside you giving yourself the opportunity to invest some time into redefining your needs, accessing new level of awareness, find the energies to change or improve your life, and create an action plan to implement when back home (if you decide to go back..)

Thanks to andragogy, the science of adult learning, we know that mature people learn faster when in group and with the perceived urgence or real need for a change.

This is why we support group retreats for personal and societal improvement, inviting individuals, coworkers, team leaders and members of enterprises and associations to take time to commit to find solutions and open new doorways for improvement.

We can offer accommodation with us or involving nearby guesthouses, transportation to our beautiful space on the hills overlooking the Caribbean sea, several complementary outdoor and indoor activities, tasty and healthy international food, natural drinks and trips around the Island in partnership with the local network of providers in our ethical chain.

Social dining and convivial food production and appreciation

Our team is so cool because is composed by different people with the most different backgrounds sharing one important value: commit to enjoy life under any circustamces knowing that nobody can be truly happy alone. Happiness come from good relations with others after you know what your needs look like and whic

Your private party dream setting

Volunteer with us

What volunteers can learn

  1. Jamadda Community intends to test and prototype social innovation through Blue and Collaborative Economy, using permaculture principles, to find adequate solutions for the needs of two different targets of people: the local community and the International tourists.
  2. So, volunteering with us can be done contributing to different small projects accordingly to the skills and preference of the volunteer.
  3. Our projects are aiming to satisfy these needs:
  4. Local community:

    a safe and resilient environment through small scale projects of sustainable agro-forestry practices and soil regeneration, waste recycling and composting,

  • food security through organic food production and the creation of local networks of distribution to guesthouses and community cookshops
  • affordable renewable energy and water management through demonstrative techniques of wind turbines, solar panel installation, rain water harvesting and sewage phytodepuration
  • natural housing through the reintroduction of traditional building techniques with local materials with new functional designs
  • small business creation through professional and managerial training in tourism related activities, even offered by international guests
  • handicraft of daily use objects production
  • creation of a new cultural identity through music and art revitalization
  • active citizenship and public engagement in social issues.
  1. 2. The need of tourists and travellers for:
  2. – fulfilling the emerging desire to use holidays or trips as investments on personal development
  3. – having original and memorable experiences while getting in contact with local people
  4. – contributing to preserve the natural and cultural heritage
  5. – sharing knowledges and skills to leave a positive footprint of their permanence in Jamaica
  6. – contributing to the local economy in a fair way.
  7. Our association is actively promoting the creation of networks of people and organisations to work towards the making of Treasure Beach a prototype of sustainable tourism and of civic development, inspiring for Jamaica and others developing countries in the Caribbean and worldwide.
  8. We strongly believe that by connecting resources that are already existing and by training people in organic farming, in the use of local healing plants and in the creation of small business for both travellers and locals we can help our community to achieve awareness and self-sustainability.
  9. Our main goals here at Jamadda is to work as a Cultural Centre for:
  • the protection and regeneration of nature,
  • the research on new affordable technologies for energy production and water management,
  • the support to the development of strategies to fight against youth migration due to unemployment
  • the creation of virtuous spirals of collaboration for cultural production through arts and cuisine
  • and the exchange and co-design of cultural products with other cultures from all around the world.

Jamadda offers a true experience in the authentic jamaican life. The founder, John, is always ready to give rasta talks about the Rastafarian philosophy and is a great teacher in natural Jamaican History ad Culture, natural building, landscaping and handcraft.

Ramona is an organizational psychologists and an international consultant on Human Sustainable Development so she can mentor people with interests in community building, sustainable development, leadership, communication and other soft skills linked to leadership and motivation.

Together John and Ramona can teach about permaculture principles, organic farming, arts and crafts and support volunteers in find their purpose in life and career continuing to generate the good vibes that Jamadda wishes to spread all over the world.