16664940_380865208954947_4496482903769281479_oWe are an open group, permanently evolving as a community made of very human human beings. We are committed to enjoy every aspect of life while improving ourselves, the different communities we feel to belong to and, of course, the entire world. We choose to live in a naturally vibrant atmosphere, inspired by the Jamaican motto: “Out of many, One People”. We are people from all over the world unified by the spiritual need to share and create fulfilling life experiences in empathy with nature and culture regeneration.

We are creating a unique, artistic, creative and sociable Ecovillage, offering experiential tourism activities, producing and distributing organic food, art, crafts, professional training and, of course, good vibes.

IMG-20170226-WA0014We started in 2014 as 2 persons, simply gathering together inspired by the same vision of life and by the desire to collaborate making synergies with others to create a bette world. We act so to be the change that we wish to see all around us and we invite others to join,
share and develop their own ideas for personal and sustainable development and then create their own life project. We commit to act as a “dream incubator”. We are offering new models of responsible tourism as a response to the human needs for exploration, discovery, sharing and creating meaningful relationships.


We believe that tourism must aim to the creation of partnerships between the travelers and the hosting communities to interweave boundaries, share knowledge and skills, exchange goods and services making room for economic and intercultural growth.
Be part of Jamadda physically when in Jamaica and virtually from wherever you are!