workshop areaJamadda is a Living Lab, a laboratory to test innovation and good practices of virtuous interaction between humans and the environment, designed with the Permaculture approach.
Permaculture for us is a tool for the creation of fair and sustainable ecosystems. And it’s a worldwide movement inspired by 3 Ethics: People Care, Earth Care, Fair Share.
We use Permaculture Principles to design the environment we want to live in and to contribute in achieving the JAMAICAN VISION 2030. By that date Jamaica wants to be the place of choice to live and create ethic business, grow aware and interconnected families and Communities thanks to long term sustainability.
jamadda.jamaica_12917977_759108224232069_984151024_nTo support this Vision, we wish to create a Private and Public Partnership with other institutions to transform our community into a living prototype for the application of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a better future for all, involving travelers and innovators from all around the globe.
We act as facilitators creating interactions among likeminded people wishing to share energies, ideas and activities in the pursuit of wellbeing and personal and social development.