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Feedback and Review of One Special Day at Jamadda by Federica.
“I’m here to write something about my special day at Jamadda Permacultural park. You have to know that Jamadda is located in one of the most untouched area in Jamaica, where the sand is really dark because of its inner graphite and even turtles show themselves on the beach. If you want to reach the top of Jamadda you have to be prepared to walk through a quite steep climb, embraced by a lot of different plants, sounds and vibes. Each step can guide you through different emotions…and it’s worth to walk listening the surrounding feelings!
When you reach the top of the climb you will enjoy an amazing view, quench your thirst with something Special and relax your body into a dream landscape… The area is enough big to practice yoga and to dance if you want shake your bones, or you can play domino as a typical Jamaican game! Everything that you will see there has been brought by hand, in the last twenty years and piece by piece! This fabulous park has been possible thanks to the Major work of Mister John Deer, the Architect and the owner of the place, that has been working with Ramona and I-John , and a lot of other beautiful people!
The most amazing and artistic secrets are collected in the Gallery, as treasures in Treasure Beach. You will be affected by all the ancient pieces of everything you will find there! Coins, chairs, bags, ancient jewelry, and many more things that you can just see with your eyes, and listen the story of them by Mister John!
Well,I, ve been living there for a while and I can tell you that I had to experience the awareness of my consumption of water, and this is a must that you have to keep on mind…just because water is pumped from the bottom and can you imagine the task force for mamaEarth? So be careful with your drops, and take a likkle shower on the rocks! We used to preferred natural soap so it can easily go straight to the ground with water. The shower were beautiful because completely immerse in the nature… So if you are planning to go out there for some days, well, be careful of yourself!
In the night? Well you relax the sound of the animals, the wind, that are as lullaby before sleeping! And I suggest you to bring your torch or some candles to create the atmosphere! And if you want some good Television program, you will not find it there! The connection of roaming is not perfect so go I-tal and switch off your phone and your mind!
Remember to bring something suitable for your shoulders because of the steep walk! And not too many things… just the necessary!
Are you still asking why you should go there? Because you need it for your soul!”