One day at Jamadda

Your place to be, to become and to belong

Jamadda is:

A Living Lab for the creation of thriving ecosystems,
A Perma-Cultural Park & Ecovillage and

A social innovation hub for community driven responsible growth.

But first of all,

a place where Good Vibrations are generated, cared for and spread all around thanks to the
synergies and positive contamination we create together with our guests.
Join us in the mission of creating a better world making it simple and come and share

fulfilling life experiences with us!

Be our friend sharing ideas and insights being actively part of our mission of creating

Regenerative Cultures.

Join our online community: @jamaddajamaica
The “One Day Jamadda Experience”

All what you can enjoy in a Unique Always Changing and Evolving Collective Living Organism

Visiting time: from 9 A.M. till Sunset, maybe later…
Guided tour: 3 hours minimum
and then free time to
forest-bathing in the Park,
Rasta Talks with John,
Chill out time at Jamadda EcoBar,
Meditation in the underground caves
Deep conversations in the Thinkers’ Nests,
More hiking further up to the ruins of Fort Charles,
Joining the daily activities running in the Ecovillage,
Creative expression in our Artist Open Air Workshop,
Donkey Therapy playing with Her Majesty Honey
Interacting carefullly with our chickens and dogs
Learning more about Jamaican Healing Plants and Herbs
Appreciating the local wave of Artistic Craftmanship
Taking a walk on the wild side and climb trees in our playground

Sunbathing on the seaview deck
Practicing yoga and relaxation in the shaded spots
Goomg deeper into Jamaican History and Culture
Being our Performing DeeJay and select the Daily Playlist
Sharing Permaculture Talks about ecosystem design
Assisting our videoportraits gallery of interviews with

Wise Jamaicans

Playing domino, ludo and old open air Jamaican games
Participating in a Story Telling Circle

Giving your ideas and suggestions to improve the Jamadda experience for future friends

form the whole world

Go downhill to take a swim in the coral reef and lay on the beach

Visit the nearby Turtle & Marine Museum

Sharing your skills and competencies for achieving Jamaican Vision 2030 and 17 Sustainable

development Goals

Having a Jamaican Fusion Bush Tea Ceremony with fresh and dried herbs and roots from our


Rejuvenating your energies and boosting your system with our Natural fermented Healthy

and Tasty Drinks

Enjoy the Everyday Premiere Sunset Show from our EcoBar Terrace

Swim in the coral reef or
simply produce and enjoy more and more

Good Vibes…

The “One Day Jamadda Experience”

A pre-view guided tour to an example of what you can enjoy in our Unique Always Changing

and Evolving Collective Living Organism

When reaching our always open gate, take a deep breath, connect to yourself and the other
humans around you and be ready to (literally!) ascend to a different world while enjoying a

simple but effective multisensorial experience.

Your initiatory process to become a part of the more than 20 years old Artistic Park and
Millenary Spontaneous Bush Vegetation starts by meeting your host from Jamadda

and maybe other adventurers.

Then, we start climbing the hill, very slowly, observing simple details in our contemplative
walkabout, greeting birds, butterflies, insects, small plants and big trees, flowers, even
sculptural cobwebs and everything that contribute to the beauty of Nature.
And we go on and on adding Cultural Human Produced elements to our journey, observing
the possible interactions and taking time to acknowledge the presence of Creativity


We can play spontaneously with unspoiled Nature, traditional Jamaican courtyard games,
carved and decorated caves, artistic installations, old wise trees, healing plants, deliciously
smelling flowers, gently flying colorful butterflies, our Mascotte ‘Honey the Donkey Queen’

and our Jamaican free chickens and animal friends.

During our 1km long uphill artistic trail, we can stop in several attraction points and then
enjoy a joyful break in our Hammock Paradise, fine tuning our senses to mindfully perceive
always new sensations from the naturally built environment surrounding us.
Them, when we are ready, we can enter the culturally built environemt by accessing the

Uniqueness of the Caijan Art Gallery.

Hosted in a beautiful building with a stunning view, it has been hand made more than 20
years ago by Mr. John Deer, a conscious Rastafarian landscaper and passionate Art and

Antique connoisseur.

The Main Gallery displays a collection of remarkable pieces from Jamaican History, each one
telling a different story about Slavery and Pre and Post colonial age, with objects from the

daily life under the British Empire.

A special attention is dedicated to the Rastafarai Way of life and to the Symbols used in
Ceremonies and Gatherings, with connections with the contemporaneity of the values of

the Rasta People.

The visit in the big saloon of the Caijan Art Gallery continues with the “Extravaganza
Collection”: World Folk Memorabilias coming as “curiosities” from other Grassroot
Cultures, especially from Africa, the Mediterranean Area and the Far East.
This eccentric journey in space and time, goes on with a jump back to the culture of the
original early Jamaican inhabitants, the Arowak Tainos. We can jump from the base
represented by a small collection of Tainos’ stone carved sculptures representing divinities

from the realm of ancestral wisdom of indigenous tribes.

To complete the trip, we jump back into current times appreciating the work of Jamaican
artists with naive paintings, wooden sculptures, ceramic objects and musical instruments.
Also, we can enjoy and bring home as souvenirs components of a small collection of Natural
Jewelry, whose most curious pieces are earrings. These are made out of seeds, bids and the
original “TallyMan Banana coins”, a special token used in colonial times in Jamaica by the
United Fruit Company to pay for the work of the banana carriers in the harbours. A useful
reminder that we can avoid to be too serious about money… and play with the idea that
richness come from mental attitude and good relations with others.
Like the ones that we like to maintain with our friendly visitors.

Book your “One Day Jamadda Experience”

To fully enjoy your presence here, we invite you to become a Member of Jamadda Cultural


The annual card that you get with your first visit will give you:
– full admission at Jamadda Permacultural Park
-insurance in case of accidents while on the premises

-subscriptions to our newsletter
– access to dedicate content on our social media
-3 hours guided tour in the Park
– a welcome natural snack and drink
-special rates for on demand workshops

– the invitation to belong and feel part of a virtual team of supporters active in spreading the
voice of new good things happening in Jamaica toward the vision of Sustainable Community

Driven Development.

The annual fee to be part of Jamadda Cultural Association

is only 25 USD.

You can come back every time you wish along the year and we’ll be always thankful if you
make a free donation to contribute to the organization of workshops, tours and always new

“on demand” activities.

Your financial support will allow you, the friends you bring and all the other visitors
becoming our common friends to always be able to share convivial moments
enjoining homemade sweet or savory snacks and a cold or hot drink according to personal


And of course, to have all of us here sending Good Vibes to you when you are not here.

Jamadda experience, come co-create it with us!